Are you looking for a candy kiosk? People can share candy to others on various occasions, such as celebrating festivals, as gifts to friends and relatives to add a happy atmosphere. When the children perform well, give them as a reward to make them feel happy and satisfied. When people feel tired or depressed, a candy may bring a trace of sweetness and comfort. So it’s a good idea to open a candy kiosk in the mall.

Customized size

This candy kiosk measures 10 feet by 8 feet, and it truly is an ideal size for creating an attractive and well-organized candy display layout. No matter what kind of size requirement you have, it can all be fulfilled for you, regardless of the specific amount of space that the mall provides.

Kiosk color

sweet kiosk

The first thing you impress about the candy kiosk is its vivid and inviting look. They are decorated with a rainbow of colors, from bright pink, blue to sunny yellow, immediately attracting the attention of passers-by. The elaborate displays of sweets, chocolate and other sweets are visually irresistible.

Description of candy kiosk

On two sides of this kiosk, there are 4 layers with distinct shelf layouts specifically designed to showcase the candies or snacks. You have the flexibility to place these treats items either in acrylic boxes or glass bottles. At the bottom of these sections, there is still an additional layer of cabinet that serves as storage space. Opposite the door, we has fashioned a checkstand into a cart-like shape, complete with pick and candy features. On the counter, we has placed a colorful balloon as decoration, which has the remarkable ability to catch the attention of children. This addition not only adds a touch of playfulness but also serves as a visual magnet for the younger ones.

chocolate kiosk

In my opinion, the colorful and eye-catching candy kiosk stands out as a beacon of happiness and fun. It brings a touch of magic and sweetness to our lives, making every visit a memorable and enjoyable one. Whether it’s a quick stop for a sugary fix or a longer exploration of the delicious offerings, the candy kiosk is a true gem that adds a special charm to any setting.

Custom contact

We are a well-known supplier of various display cases and kiosks in China. We have a professional design team and manufacturing plant. Any kiosk you like can be customized to your needs. If necessary, please contact us!