The hot summer has arrived, and many people choose to order a cup of bubble tea with ice to cool down. But it seems that many people overlook that yogurt can also help reduce heat. This kiosk is not only suitable for yogurt, but also for ice cream. Let’s view more information about it.

The color of the kiosk

We can see the kiosk is red and its countertop is white. The red is extremely conspicuous when people walk past the booth. In case you have preferred colors for the kiosk, we can create the effects for you to view.

drinking kiosk

The size of the kiosk

The yogurt kiosk design that we have crafted is 4 meters by 3 meters. Its size is truly very large and it is a quite popular size. The majority of people tend to favor such a large size in order to allow it to play its maximum role. However, it also depends on the amount of space that you possess in the mall. This is because it is related to the renting cost. After all, the larger the space required, the potentially higher the rental expense that needs to be taken into consideration

The layout of the kiosk

We can see that the entire kiosk is closed except for a small door at the back that allows entry. This ensures the safety of the kiosk and employees very well.

The cashier register and one rather large machine are placed on the counter which directly faces the people. Generally speaking, the side where the register is located is typically regarded as the front side of the kiosk. The front side and the back side counters can serve as areas for customers to relish their yogurts after placing an order, as it provides an eating area, which is indeed very favorable. In addition, on the right side of the kiosk, there is a small sofa that functions as the customers’ waiting area, enabling people to take a rest during the peak time for yogurt selling. There is also one sign that is specifically designed to showcase the product. It clearly presents information about the various yogurt offerings, helping customers make informed choices and enhancing their overall shopping experience.

ice cream kiosk

This well-thought-out layout and design of the kiosk not only ensures smooth operations but also caters to the convenience and comfort of both the customers and the staff. It creates an inviting and functional space that contributes to the success and popularity of the yogurt kiosk.