Because a variety of flavors of milk tea can be provided to different people to choose, it has been an indispensable thing in our modern life. On account of  milk tea has cold, hot, sugar, less sugar, with ice, without ice and so on. Each of us can make the flavor we want according to our own taste. Bubble tea cabinet has become the choice of many people because it can obtain higher profits with lower operating costs.


This is an indoor bubble tea kiosk, mainly used in shopping malls. We can see the structure in the picture. There is a cash register in front of this milk tea shop, which is provided for the staff to use the cash register. There are also some stainless steel lattices, mainly used to hold different ingredients, to provide a choice of customers, and the side of the room for guests to pack food. Behind the kiosk, a tea cabinet is a place for you to make drinks. There is a sink, and the cabinet under the sink can put the water tank. We can also see some stainless steel containers, which are used to hold drinks. In addition, we can also see on the front and side of the logo, light boxes and lights can be illuminated. It can attract attention and promote your brand.bubble tea stall


This bubble tea cabinet is made of plywood as the base material, and the surface is pasted with fireproof board, which can be fireproof and moisture-proof.  There are stainless steel sink, stainless steel beverage container, bubble tea cabinet surface is artificial stone, look very smooth, and not easy to scratch. In addition, there will be stainless steel kicks at the bottom of the cabinet, which can extend the service life.bubble tea kiosk


More information

Design: 3-5 working days
Production time: 20-22 working days after order confirmation
Mode of transportation: Sea, air, and land transport, can be arranged according to your personal choice
Packing: We’ll pack the pavilion in hard wooden cases

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