Creative Chocolate kiosk

This is a curved top chocolate display case with, a brown and white theme design. This interesting and creative kiosk is a great display case kiosk. Now the more people like to eat sweets, we can often see in the mall there is some dessert shop design that is very creative, it is because the originality of our kiosks will attract children and adults alike. It’s a good idea to have a chocolate kiosk at the same time, and if you want that kind of creative design, you can choose this kiosk.

Chocolate kiosk

Chocolate kiosk layout

The layout inside the chocolate cake kiosk is very reasonable. You can see that on the top of the kiosk are two curved C’s and a large C’s intersecting to make a very creative kiosk. On either side of the tabletop of the cake, kiosks are placed two sides of the glass cake display rack, on which we can place our cake cookies or pastry snacks. Under the display case is a glowing logo display. On the other side of the glass display case is a cash register design position, you can design posters and menu displays beside and on the front of the cash register. The tabletop is a tabletop display of artificial stone. The entire chocolate kiosk measures 4×1.5 meters. In the top position, we designed the electronic poster and menu. The arc is a luminous design, so it is a very special chocolate kiosk display.

Chocolate kiosk Details and service

You can see from the top view that the internal structure of the kiosk is very clear. You can see on the tabletop that my mother can put a lot of snacks on it. The tabletop is an artificial stone tabletop, and at the bottom is the design of the kicking display. The cabinets inside are all locker designs with doors, where you can put our materials and tools and so on. We are a custom factory, if you are looking for a similar cake or chocolate kiosk, you can contact us and we can make a new design for you. It’s up to you to tell us what you think and we’ll show you more information about the kiosk. We can also do store design, snack kiosks, shake kiosks, sushi cabinets, and so on. For more details please contact our customer service.

Chocolate kiosk