Are you looking to upgrade your hair salon or start a new venture in the beauty industry? Today, I want to share a nice hair kiosk with you. This unique and practical hair counter attracts customers and enhances their salon experience. With its black color and yellow light decoration, it is sure to catch the eye of potential clients. Let’s view more details information.

barber kiosk

Black color hair salon kiosk

One of the standout features of this hair counter is its centrally rotated and symmetrical design. This means that it can be easily accessed from all sides, allowing for a smooth flow of customers and stylists. The entrance of the counter features a glass display cabinet with a yellow frame in the shape of a C. This not only adds a touch of elegance to the overall design but also allows for the easy showcasing of your hair products. Check beauty kiosk decoration

barber kiosk

On top of the counter, you will find a visually appealing scissors model that vividly displays your hair items. This serves as a great way to attract customers and highlight the services you offer. Additionally, the brand logo on the frame acts as a form of advertising for your business. View hair straightener kiosk design

When it comes to functionality, this hair counter does not disappoint. The counter features glass and mirror walls, allowing for a spacious and well-lit environment. With room for six stylists to work together, you can ensure that your customers receive efficient and personalized service.

Another convenient feature of this hair counter is the water sink set in the corner. This placement allows for easy access and better usage for both stylists and customers. The counter also features a lightbox and poster panel, which can promote your business and services. If you plan to start a hair kiosk, contact us and get more good solutions.