Hair kiosk

Firstly, this is a comparison of 4×3 meters of hair booths, the layout and space inside are relatively spacious so that more customers can be accommodated in our barbershop haircut. The design of the hair salon is customized. On both sides of the design, there are three mirrors and three chairs. The overall color is black, which is usually used in hair salons because the black design can give customers a very advanced visual feeling. Next to it is a bar design and a hair-washing position so clients can wash their hair inside. On the front is the logo design of a pair of scissors.


barber kiosk

  • Size: 4*3 meters or according to your needs
  • Basic material: Tempered glass, MDF, Stainless steel
  • Surface finish: Baking paint, plating
  • Skirting: Stainless steel
  • Others: Mirrors, light bulbs, metal frames, acrylic logo
  • Design time: About 3-5 working days
  • Production time: About 22-28 working days
  • Our location: Shenzhen, China
  • Price: Depends on your final design

barber kiosk

Customized service

The last, we are a custom factory, if you are planning to open a hair salon kiosk, you can contact us. We can also customize a new hair salon kiosk design for you. Our styles, colors, layouts, equipment, checkout counters, sinks, chairs and more can customize for you. In addition, you just need to tell us your design requirements and we will give you a satisfactory design plan and custom kiosk.