Now there are more and more popcorn kiosks we can see on the street. Because popcorn is a very popular snack, especially in movie theaters, enjoy popcorn while watching a movie. And now popcorn has added a lot of flavors, chocolate and fruit flavors are very popular with children. Today, I want to share a nice popcorn kiosk with you.

popcorn kiosk

Descriptions of Popcorn Kiosk

Size: 5x3m

Basic material: Plywood, the main body uses plywood.

Surface finish: Laminated HPL

Logo: 3D acrylic logo with light

Others: LED light, sink, socket

This is an irregularly shaped kiosk. Now the popcorn market is highly competitive, and the taste of the food itself is very important, but a kiosk that attracts customers is also very important. As a popular street snack, this kind of food is packed or eaten while shopping. So popcorn kiosk rarely offers a seating area.

Generally not only sell popcorn, so the product is too single, most of them will choose supplementary products, such as fruit juice drinks, bubble tea, etc.

If the popcorn kiosk is in a mall, the choice of location is important. Popcorn kiosks will have high requirements in shopping malls. We have very rich experience in this area and can help you meet the requirements of shopping malls.

mall popcorn kiosk

How to make a mall kiosk?

  • Get a location at the mall
  • Determine the food you want to sell and the style of kiosk you want. (Or we recommend the kiosk style for you)
  • Give us the size that makes a design drawing 3 working days
  • Provide to the mall for review
  • Make final changes
  • Place the order
  • Produce 20-25 working days

So when you want to get a kiosk, please contact us as soon as possible. It takes 1-2 weeks to design and confirm the final drawing, and one month to produce. In order not to delay your plan, please contact us now!