Do you need a mall retail kiosk to sell cups? Our custom wine cup kiosk design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, allowing you to display and sell your wine cups with ease. This retail kiosk, with its distinctive features and meticulous attention to detail, will undoubtedly draw in customers and significantly enhance your sales. Let’s view more details about this retail booth.

Cup kiosk

Unique design retail kiosk

We can see from the mall kiosk mainly uses white color, which gives it a clean and sophisticated look. The white color will make your wine cups pop and grab customers’ attention as they walk by.

On both sides of the kiosk, we have incorporated glass cabinets to display your wine glass cups. These glass cabinets provide a visually appealing display and allow customers to see the intricate details of your wine cups. We can also design it to keep the cups secure and organized, ensuring that they stay in pristine condition.

More design effect

wine cup kiosk mall kiosk

Layout information

The front counter of the kiosk serves two purposes. Firstly, we can use it as a cashier counter, so sales person can process transactions smoothly and efficiently. Secondly, we can store wines to increase sales. It ensures that customers can easily make their purchases while also having a glimpse of the wines. On one side of the glass kiosk is a large glass cup logo and your brand name. Adding branding elements to your business helps customers instantly recognize and identify your brand.

To add a unique touch to the retail kiosk, we can add shelving on the counter as decoration. Which is to suit your brand image and create a memorable visual experience for customers. Whenever you plan to open a retail kiosk, food kiosk, or service booth at the mall, you can get an attractive idea here.