What’s the reason to own a sushi stall?

In our life now, more and more young people like to eat snacks. In the fast pace of life, it has become one of the indispensable choices in our life. If you want a sushi stand. What should it look like? We can provide you with a design that will help you realize your entrepreneurial opportunities.

Sushi stall

  • Outside the stall

This is a sushi food stand, the bottom is made of moisture-proof edge design, made of plywood, stainless steel. The right side of the stall is inlaid with a long wooden strip, which is a sit-down table for customers. In order to give customers a better dining experience, four stools are provided to customers.  This is the other side of the stall, and there’s a pantry for sushi, mostly made of plywood and black.  A complete food store, logo is also a must, there is an Alec logo on the top right, the wall of the stall can also hang menu propaganda posters.This will help customers quickly learn about the store and speed up your work.inside the stall,the walls are tiled, simple and neat, and there are two sinks for the staff to use

  • Stall roof

Aluminum-plastic plate is mainly used to support the ceiling.The ceiling is also made of aluminum-plastic panels, with a wavy shape from left to right, high to low, which provides better insulation and does not store water when it rains.

  • Other

According to your needs to provide light boxes, lights, socket,stools and different logo design,such as hollow out ,acrylic,crystal. If you are interested, you can contact us, we can design a suitable style for you, so that you are satisfied with the service.If you have your own ideas, we can help you change to your favorite style and color.