About Churros kiosk details, have a plan to set up churros kiosk in a shopping mall, please click the link for more helpful content. Fried dough sticks are very popular for breakfast and are a filling snack. Customizable Churros Kiosks Can Be More Attractive to Customers.

churros kiosk

Descriptions of Churros Kiosk

  • Material-MDF, main body use MDF/plywood. MDF easy to make any special shape and low cost, MDF finished use backing paint and can choose any color. Plywood often use in food kiosk, that sometimes has a relatively high temperature operation, plywood can laminated with a fireproof board.
  • Countertop- man-made stone. Almost all food kiosk countertops use artificial stone, which economical, and artificial stone is easy to clean, strong, and mildew-resistant. Of course, have some special needs that require the use of solid wood or marble, we can also produce.
  • Stainless steel baseboard-can better make the kiosk and the ground firmly bonded, reduce the deformation of the kiosk, and avoid damage caused by external force collisions. The skirting line easy to scrub. If dirty water is splashed on the mopping floor, it is very convenient to scrub. It can make the ground material and kiosk have a harmonious transition and play a role in visual balance.
  • Light box painting-content can replace.

churros kisok design

This kiosk uses red to give people a sense of appetite. And the shape of fried dough sticks made by the logo directly tells customers what this food kiosk mainly sells.

We set up a sink. Food need a clean environment and hygienic operation, the sink convenient for us to clean, and it is an essential system in the food kiosk.

On the countertop for making fried dough sticks, we thoughtfully added a transparent baffle, which can prevent dust and allow customers to see the operation of employees.red churros kiosk