Customized beauty kiosk with display stand and make-up stantion. Can help customers make up, can promote their own beauty brand, the most competitive factory price. Black elegant beauty Kiosk, bring the best service to people inside the mall.

beauty kiosk

beauty kiosk design

Material of Beauty kiosk

  • Size: 2.5*2.5 meter
  • MDF panel make main body, finished in black glossy lacquer. Very glossy finish with an effect close to that of steel varnish. MDF has uniform structure, fine material, stable performance, impact resistance, easy processing.
  • Light-mirro and logo with light.
  • Floor-soft carpet, synthetic fiber-like raw materials have the effects of noise reduction, heat insulation and decoration. We also can provide PVC floor.

beauty kiosk station

The design of this Beauty Kiosk is very simple, the size is only 2.5*2.5meter, customers want to display cosmetics. Also want to provide makeup services. So this beauty Kiosk is mainly a showcase and a dressing table in the middle. Of course, we also set up a cash register. In order not to make this Kiosk look awkward, we added a promotional board on the side.

The customer chose black. In order not to make the Kiosk very monotonous, our designer designed a pink frame for the customer. The combination of pink and black is very beautiful, and it has feminine characteristics without being completely feminine.

In order to provide customers with a good sense of experience, a circle of light bulbs is added to the vanity mirror, because makeup requires a lot of light. And the chair also use a very soft finish.

The floor did not choose to directly use the storefront of the shopping mall, but chose synthetic fiber carpets. The soft carpets can be more popular with customers. The color is also mainly black, but it is more advanced when combined with gray.

Please can contact us and tell us your ideas to customize your mall kiosk.

beauty kiosk design