Bread is essential in food, and many bread kiosks fill the stomachs of people on the go. , the bread kiosk shows people the types of bread in all directions, making it easy for customers to choose and buy. A professional bakery kiosk not only sells bread, but also coffee, ice cream, pizza and other products.

bread kiosk


  • MDF/solid wood/plywood, have same special shape then use MDF, the food console and the back panel are all made of Plywood+wood grain. Added solid wood strip decoration on the front and display bread.
  • Countertop: man-made stone, most food countertops use artificial stone. Food-grade artificial stone is easy to clean, moisture-proof and mildew-proof. Of course if you want corin we can also provide it.
  • Glass: 8mm thick tempered glass, which can display food and prevent dust.
  • Stainless steel skirting supports the whole food kiosk, which is more stronger.
  • Light: Lighting add in employee operating table to facilitate employees to make drinks. The bread cabinet adds light and more appetite.

food kiosk


The main color of this food kiosk is wood grain, elegant and classic. This is a multi-functional kiosk, bread, pizza, ice cream, coffee and drinks can use this food kiosk.

This one can also be called a coffee kiosk. Have a sink inside the kiosk, as well as a coffee and drink maker, and lights add to the operating table.

The special thing is that in the back we have added seats. Guests can choose to enjoy their delicacies here. This kiosk is more used in shopping malls. If you are tired from shopping, it is definitely very comfortable to have a place where you can rest and enjoy coffee.

The advertising position at the top can be changed at will. Each season has the most popular food, we can guide customers to buy.

coffee kiosk