There more demand for juice kiosks. Because people can enjoy health benefits by drinking various juices. People’s food culture is becoming more and more abundant, and the pursuit of healthy food culture has become the mainstream in this rich life. All the juice kiosks are also a hit with everyone. Healthy and diverse fruit juices not only bring a rich taste, but also bring health to everyone.

juice kiosk

Descriptions of Juice Kiosk

  1. Base Material: Plywood. The plywood is generally used for the style need laminated.
  2. Counter-top: Man-made stone. White color neater and brighter. Artificial stone is non-toxic, flame retardant, non-sticky, non-seepage, antibacterial, anti-mildew, wear-resistant, easy to clean, seamless splicing, and versatile shapes
  3. Stainless Steel Skirting: Can better make the juice kiosk firm, reduce the deformation of the kiosk, and avoid damage caused by external collisions. In addition, the skirting line is also relatively easy to scrub. If dirty water is splashed on the ground, it is very convenient to scrub.
  4. Painting Light Boxes: It use for publicity and display, and equippe with various light source lighting devices. Generally, commonly used T8, T4 or T5 energy-saving fluorescent tubes use as light sources. The contents can replace.
  5. Fixture: Animal shape chair, glass/acrylic display shelf, logo, light, and matel accessories.

mall juice kiosk This is our new mall booth juice kiosk design. Subtropical jungle style, like the refreshing feeling brought by fruit juice. Animal-shaped stools add to the cuteness.

The large green jungle picture on the background wall behind gives people a good sense of sight. Juice menu light box painting hung on it. Embellished with some simulated leaves, the whole shape is very special, Consistent with our styles.

Behind the background wall is the juice console, which is equipped with a sink for cleaning. Juicer juicer we can also provide. This fruit juice kiosk also sells the very popular bubble tea, and more styles are available for customers to choose from.

juice kiosk design