Delicious Bakery kiosk

We were very hungry when we passed the delicious bakery kiosk because the whole bakery smelled of bread and milk. At present, many bakery kiosks have been set up in each of our countries, and each bakery kiosk has its own unique display and layout. But in general, I think what a bakery needs are a very practical sales and display store and a nice exterior decoration. So I’m going to show you our kiosk for this bakery. Bakery Kiosk

Bakery kiosk layout

The layout of this bakery is very interesting. First of all, it gives people the feeling that the first side is very spacious and beautiful. The bread furnishings are also very neatly placed, and the types of bread are various, enough to attract customers’ attention. In addition, in the decoration of the bakery kiosk, we can see that there will be a lot of bread decoration in the design of the store, which will be a good marketing effect because the layout of the store will be our entry ticket to the store, so a nice decoration of the store is very important.

Bakery kiosk Detail

On the front of the bakery, we can see the eye-catching bread display rack. It is a transparent display case, which is necessary so that customers can see the delicious bread at first sight. On the front of the kiosk in the bakery, there is also a display of our cashier’s position and menu. On the cashier’s desk, we can also place some distinctive bread to attract customers’ attention. In addition, the interior of this bakery is also designed with a bread display rack, so that customers can better choose their own bread. In the kiosk-making area of the bakery, we can also see a lot of materials and utensils. This one can make some afternoon refreshments, drinks, and other food in the store because it is a kiosk that can support in-store eating. In the front of the bakery, we also designed tables and chairs with rest. We can see on the tabletop of the cashier’s desk where there is a sink, which is also where we need to clean our tableware. In the picture, we can clearly see that the work of the bakery staff is separate, and each person is responsible for different areas, such as taking orders, making bread, and making juice and coffee. This is a curved bakery design, which looks very convenient, and customers also have enough position to enjoy the outside of the bread and drink coffee and food. Bread display shelves are divided into layers, which is because we need to display bread on each shelf. This is very necessary because there are many types of bread, so we need to design layers in the bakery display cases.

Material: MDF suitable

place: Store, supermarket, shop, outdoor

Use : Hotel, House, Kiosk, Booth, Office, Sentry Box, candy kiosk

color: Anyone you like to feature: kiosk is viewable, modern, functional

delivery time: 20-22 working days after payment

service: customized service

Package: foam inside + wooden box outside

toe kick: 10cm S.S