Are you planning to participate in an exhibition or trade show and looking for a modern and attractive snack and beverage stand for your booth? Look no further! We have just the thing for you – a stylish and eye-catching snack kiosk with a modern beverage display stand that is sure to grab attention and boost your sales.

snack booth

Description of snack kiosk

The snack kiosk is a modern, self-contained structure with individual shelves that are arranged in a neat and organized manner. The shelves are made of sleek, modern materials such as laminate finishes, metal frames, etc. It gives the kiosk a contemporary feel. Each shelf is filled with snacks and food, so customers are easily accessible to items.

beverage kiosk

At one end of the snack kiosk is a reception desk. Clients can go to ask questions, check bills, or get more information. The desk is an L-shaped counter with a double side countertop, which is convenient for both visitors and employees to work.

In the middle of the exhibition booth is a small seating area. People can take a break and relax after browsing the products. The seating area is modern chairs and tables that match the glass and metal aesthetic. Looks very attractive. View more restaurant dining table styles

We can attach the brand logo at the shop front and make a feature wall at the backside. It’s easy for customers to identify your snack kiosk and recognize the brand theme.

snack display shelving


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a modern and practical snack and beverage stand for your exhibition booth. Our custom kiosk is the perfect solution. With its sleek design, customizable LED lighting system, and ample storage space, it’s sure to grab attention and boost your sales. Contact us today to order your very own snack kiosk and start attracting visitors to your booth!