Juice kiosk is a haven for juice lovers, offering an extensive range of fresh, healthy and delicious drinks. If you are looking for a refreshing and healthy treat, look no further than juice kiosk. We committe to provide you with the best quality products and service, so come and experience our juice kiosk.

juice kiosk

Descriptions of Juice Kiosk


The juice kiosk of coconut milk is made of high-quality materials such as plywood, solid wood, man-made stone counter and stainless steel . Its color is mostly white, giving the kiosk a clean and fresh look. The kiosk is designed with a sleek and modern structure, which is perfect for attracting customers.


The lighting system of the kiosk is also well-design, providing ample lighting for staff to make the juice. The lighting system is not too bright, ensuring that staff feel comfortable while working. Also it’s for client see the staff make the juice clearly. Lighting can bring customers a better experience, and a bright environment always makes people feel comfortable.


The logo of the juice kiosk is prominently display on the front of the kiosk, making it easy for customers to identify the brand. The logo is simple yet eye-catching, featuring a coconut silhouette and the brand name in bold letters. The color of the logo is usually green, which adds a refreshing touch to the overall design of the kiosk.

Under the ceiling, there are also hanging light box paintings, which can not only deepen customers’ impression of the brand, but also promote new products of the season. Internal content can replace.


We provide floors. The structure is very strong. Plywood makes the main structure. PVC laminated in the finish. The wood-grained floor complements the entire juice kiosk.

If you have any idea of juice kiosk, pls contact us. We can customized kiosk with your style, size, color etc.

juice kiosk design