Are you looking for a drinks kiosk? The one I am introducing today is suitable for selling juice and bubble tea as well. Let’s view more information about it.

Shape and Aesthetics

This kiosk is in the shape of a cup. It’s very charming. Even in shopping malls with many kiosks, it can attract more people’s attention. In addition, the kiosk’s bright yellow color adds to its charm.

Size and Space Utilization

tea kiosk

The size of the kiosk is 4 by 3 meters. And the diameter of the kiosk measures a considerable 2 meters, providing ample space that enables two workers to collaborate simultaneously. Moreover, you have the option to position several machines within. So it is essential that you share with us the measurements of these machines. Subsequently, the designers will meticulously craft a rational layout and ensure the allocation of sufficient space for them.

Layout and Workflow

We design the layout of the kiosk for efficient workflow. What‘s’ more, we strategically place the refrigeration unit near the countertop to ensure quick access to fresh fruits and ingredients. And you can position the beverage-making equipment, like blenders or tea brewers, for easy operation by the staff. We design the countertop with sufficient space for multiple orders to be processed simultaneously, reducing waiting times for customers.

Convenience for Customers and Operators

beverage kiosk

Convenience is a key feature of this kiosk. For customers, it offers a quick and easy way to enjoy their favorite beverages. Additionally, the menu is displayed prominently, making it easy to make choices. Payment options are diverse, including cash, credit cards, and mobile payments. You can readily observe that there is a dedicated seating area. All of the chairs and tables are meticulously crafted in coordinated and harmonious colors. And the chairs boast a distinctive and one-of-a-kind design. The aesthetic appeal is truly remarkable and highly appealing.

For operators, the kiosk is easy to setup and maintenance. The equipment is user-friendly, and the storage areas are well-organized, allowing for smooth operations. The factory price aspect makes it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to start a beverage business without a significant upfront investment.