Pop-up shops become popular among business people. It’s a good place to promote the brand logo and help people learn more about your business and company theme. It’s a profitable idea to open a bed sheet booth to gain clients. Merchants can use it in shopping malls, and exhibitions. Here is a nice attractive booth to share with you.

pop-up shops

Introduction of pop-up shop stand

This pop-up shop stall suits for 8ft by 8ft area. It includes a brand logo, advertising wall, reception counter, and wall display shelving. People can learn about the products and your company concept directly. The main color is pink and white, very attractive and makes your exhibition booth outstanding. The materials include metal frames, MDF panels, baking paint finishes, acrylic logos, light lamps, and light box paintings.

clothing display stand

Display shelving placement

There is a unique reception counter at the front counter, we can add the brand logo, so people can remember you and leave a deep impression on you. Merchants can add lighting lamp that matches the retail shop atmosphere. We can add wall display shelving behind, that’s to show more products for sale and as a sample to get more orders soon. In the middle of the display cabinet, we can set up a TV player for video advertising.

pop-up shops

How to make a pop-up stall?

  • Making 3D design. The professional 3D design shows the pop-up stall effect and surface materials. Mall-Kiosk has an excellent design team to make pop-up stalls design. So you can tell us your requirements before start.
  • Production. Workers produce the pop-up booths based on the confirmed 3D design drawing. We will take photos to show the production steps.
  • Installation. We will assemble the whole pop-up stall at the showroom and test it before shipping. The owner can use it directly because 1-2 people can install the retail kiosk well.