To entice customers into the dressing room, design is crucial. A well-designed dressing room can improve the comfort and pleasure of customers’ dressing experience, and increase their goodwill and loyalty to the brand. The following are our suggestions.

cosmetic kiosk

First, consider the layout of the cosmetic kiosk. The room should be spacious and bright to ensure that customers can take full advantage of the mirrors and lights to see their makeup. Reasonable space layout can also make customers feel comfortable and relaxed, so as to have a better makeup effect.

Secondly, choose high quality cosmetics and lighting equipment. To ensure that customers can see the most accurate makeup effect and color when they try it on. In addition, the choice of environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless cosmetics is also a necessary work.

Furthermore, attention to detail is required during design. The walls, floors, and furniture of the dressing room should match the brand image and follow a consistent design style. At the same time, iconic products of the brand can also be placed in the dressing room to increase customers’ desire to buy.

Finally, provide professional service. Customers may need help and advice during the trial, so provide a professional makeup artist or beauty consultant. They can provide professional guidance to customers and enhance brand credibility.

beauty kiosk


  • Overall size:  4m x 3m x 1.2m (length x width x height)
  • Material:  MDF / Ultra-clear Tempered Glass / LED  Strip light /Leatherette
  • Placement type:  Floor Standing
  • Power plug: correct plug for delivered country
  • Package: EPE foam+ Bubble film+  wooden box
  • Lead time: 3 to 7days for standard showcase,10 to 20 days for customized order
  • Customization: Brand logo/Color/LED lighting color/Metal color/Size etc.

This cosmetic kiosk  is practical, beautiful and safe. We believe that this cosmetic kiosk will become your best choice. Of course, if you have your own design and ideas about it, you can tell us your needs and we will try our best to meet you.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.