The importance of the jewelry cabinet

If we walk on the road and see a vendor carrying an expensive jewel in a simple box, we think the jewel must be fake. Even if it was genuine jewelry, people would suspect it was a fake, and the humble case would inevitably raise doubts about its true value. It’s tempting to take a second look at the jewelry in the shop window and wish you could own it someday. Luxury jewelry placed in the same precious jewelry cabinet will reflect the value of the jewelry. This shows how important a good jewelry cabinet is for jewelry. jewelry cabinetjewelry counter

  • Color

The jewelry cabinet comes in two colors, blue as the primary and white as the secondary. The combination of blue and white looks coordinated and understated without noise so that the jewelry won’t lose focus. The bottom is white and the main part of the cabinet is blue.

  • Material

The white part of the bottom of the jewelry cabinet is made of stainless steel edge treatment, which can avoid damage. The blue part of the material is medium-density fiberboard, the surface is treated with baking paint, and it looks flat and smooth. The jewelry display window is made of toughened glass, which is very hard and does not affect the quality of the jewelry that customers see. On the top of the cabinet is an Acrylic logo.

  • Size

4000*3000*2400 mm

  • Lighting

The light of this jewelry cabinet is mainly cold white color. There is a row of small led lights at the bottom of the cabinet, and corresponding lights at the toughened glass display of jewelry. The light of the jewelry cabinet can play a good foil role for the jewelry.

Detail description

This is a small push box inside the jewelry cabinet. Each cabinet is equipped with a lock, so you don’t have to worry about losing items. The outside of the cabinet is blue, and the little box inside is white. What’s surprising is that not all cabinets are created equal. We can see that this cabinet and the previous cabinet is the opposite color matching, the outside is white, the inside is blue. details.

Jewelry counter

Our advantages

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