Perfume Store

We can see some perfume kiosks in many shopping malls. Our perfumery is a very delicate and high-end style design, because its surface is golden stainless steel material, plus it displays the perfumes inside the box on is a transparent display box shelf. This is very nice for the bottle of perfume, so the use of a transparent display rack will show our delicate perfume bottles to the customers. This is a good design care machine, but also a good marketing and promotion effect display.

Store Kiosk Display

From the picture, we can see that the outside of the perfume pavilion is a very clear structure. If the perfume bottle is put in it, it will be beautiful scenery, I believe. If I were a consumer, I would like this design very much, first of all, it is a very simple design, usually, our display cases are more gorgeous. So this is relatively simple, but each category of product has its own nature, so I think this design is the best for a perfumery display.

From the side of the perfumed kiosk, we can see that it is lined with vertical stripes of gold stainless steel. This is a very high-end material because this material is very relevant to the perfume that we sell. The choice of perfume represents a person’s taste. Everyone has their own fragrance, just like everyone has their own favorite style.

We also set a logo design of the store on the surface of the perfume pavilion, which is a good marketing effect. This represents an exclusive label for a storefront. We also set kicking feet at the bottom of the perfume pavilion, so that our display case can be well protected from the wet ground damage. Because the design of the kick is to prevent moisture function. The middle part of the perfume pavilion is more flexible, and there are some lockers so that we can store our items.

suitable place: Store, supermarket, shop, outdoor

Use: : Hotel, House, Kiosk,Booth, Office, Sentry Box, candy kiosk

color: Anyone you like

feature: kiosk is viewable, modern, functional

delivery time: 20-22 working days after payment

service: customized service

Package: foam inside + wooden box outside

toe kick: 10cm S.S