The nail manicure kiosks are good places to sell nail polish and perfumes and provide nail manicure services. It’s suitable to start a nail display booth in the mall. So people can buy high-end nail polish when going shopping. Today, I want to share an attractive nail kiosk sharing with you.

cosmetic stall

Introduction of the nail manicure kiosk

This nail kiosk size is 3m by 3m. It is suitable for most shopping center booths. We mainly use MDF with shiny baking paint materials to build the nail manicure kiosk. It looks high-end and can increase the additional value of nail polish products. And the lighting boxes and paintings advertise new invention items, making people remember you well. We can also see the stainless steel kicking at the bottom to protect the mall kiosk.

cosmetic booth

Layout description

The front counter has nail polish kiosk stalls. It shows all kinds of nail polish samples for clients to select. Besides, the counters can display more nail polish to attract people. We can also do nail art service on the counter, which can help you gain more clients, and make people remember you well. It is a tall display panel on the cosmetic kiosk, and it is better to attach the brand logo and monitor.

cosmetic counter

Effects show

We can see the nail kiosk effect in the shopping mall, and it’s the same as the design drawing. Because of production following the confirmed 3D design, we will also show you the production progress. Many starters care about installation. Installation is complete at our workshop, and the owner put counters together.

cosmetic kiosk

Mall-Kiosk provides unique nail polish booths, beauty salon kiosks, and nail manicure service counters. We have a professional design team, production team, and workshop, and people can get customized mall booth solutions from us.