Perfume Kiosk

This is a very high-end display of the perfume kiosk, and you can see the whole design is a very high-end display of the atmosphere. A high-end perfume kiosk can make our store more beautiful, from the appearance of the kiosk overall is a very luxurious feeling. This is the taste of perfume, so it is necessary for a perfume shop to choose a luxurious design. The overall theme color of the perfume pavilion is dark blue, and it matches the design theme of gold, which is a more luxurious design.Perfume Kiosk

Kiosk Construction

The structure of the perfume kiosk made up of six square display cases and a circular display case in the middle. The front display of the perfume pavilion is a house like the display house, there will have three curved display shelves, the middle design a large LED box, and two sides of curved display prices. This design style looks more complete so consumers can also see such a unique perfume kiosk display when entering the booth.Perfume Kiosk

Kiosk Detail

The Perfume Pavilion display stand is a square display stand made of golden stainless steel material. You can see that each side of the display stand is inlaid with golden stainless steel. Under the ground, we can design a light strip display, which makes our display stand more clear and more attractive. Looking very high-end from the outside of the kiosk, the face of the perfume kiosk designed with the storefront logo display, as well as the LED box display. Each of the display cases decorated with lockers with doors, so we decorated our objects inside the display cases perfumes, and so on. The circular display case in the middle is an attractive style. Its appearance is attractive enough, and the perfumes in the middle can also display. We will design layers in the display rack to facilitate the placement of perfumes.

Perfume Kiosk