Perfume kiosk is very popular in the shopping center. We can use it to sell all kinds of perfumes and fragrant. Every people likes perfumes as it creates a romantic atmosphere and gives poeple a charming feeling. It’s a great idea to open a perfume kiosk to start a business because it’s easy to start and earn money soon. Here is a nice perfume kiosk sharing with you.

Perfume kiosk

Description of perfume kiosk

This perfume kiosk size is 2.5m by 1m, we can put the display counter, storage cabinet, and brand logo. It’s a good idea to add a decoration ceiling to show the brand name, people can view your business easily. Besides, we can also add light to increase the brilliance.

perfume booth

We can see there are lines inner on the four sides of the counter, it looks luxurious and attractive. There is a higher display cabinet with shelving in the middle, merchants can sort out items here for clients to choose from. At the side counter is a space for computers. We can also add a chair to the perfume booth.

perfume showcase

There is an individual counter with a light box here that uses as advertising. Clients can also help themself to learn more information. Flooring is very important for this perfume kiosk, it reminds people to enter your perfume shop. So we can also attach the brand logo or company name to leave deep impression. View information about cosmetic kisok

perfume cabinet

Materials information

  • Primary material: MDF
  • Finishes materials: Baking paint finishes and veneer
  • Other materials: Stainless steel, acrylic logo, PVC floor, etc.

If you have material or size requirements, we can meet your demands. Our design team can make a 3D design drawing to show you each counter’s materials, details, etc. Whenever you plan to start a beauty kiosk business, you can choose a wonderful 3D design from us.