A mall retail booth is a perfect way to showcase your products and grab the attention of passing shoppers. It is not just a place to sell your merchandise, but an opportunity to create an immersive experience for your customers. A well-designed retail booth can enhance the overall shopping experience and increase the likelihood of a sale.

This boutique kiosk is good to display all kinds of products, including nuts, decorations, boutiques, honey, etc. We can also customize it according to your ideas and make it highly matches your business. Size is 3m by 3m, we can also customize the size for you

cake kiosk

Customize retail booth for business

The retail booth we are talking about has a three-layer display counter with blue color and golden hollow-out styling decoration. The use of the blue color is a smart choice as it creates a sense of trust and reliability, while the golden decoration adds an element of luxury and sophistication. The two-layer counter allows for a variety of products to be displayed at different heights, making it easier for customers to browse and choose what they like.

bread kiosk

The mall booth also features inner counters that serve both as a workspace and storage. This is an essential feature as it allows the retailer to manage inventory and handle transactions efficiently. The wood counter table and shelving provide a warm and natural feel to the booth. Wood is a versatile material that can create a sense of comfort and familiarity. The shelves are perfect for displaying products that require more space.

bread kiosk

Materials inforamtion

This retail display showcase material includes MDF, lamination, wood veneer, stainless steel kick, light box logo, light lamp, etc. We can also use the stone to make an inner work table, that’s durable to use and easy to clean.