Are you looking for a soap kiosk and shampoo booth? The soap kiosk is suitable for selling Handmade soap, body lotion, shower gel, shampoo, etc. Soap is a detergent to keep the body and hands clean and tidy. It has a unique fragrance, and the soap forms a protective film on the skin’s surface. It’s a good idea to open a soap kiosk to make a profit.

soap kiosk

Description of cosmetic kiosk

As we can see in the design, this soap kiosk has multiple display counters. The leading tone is dark brown with a golden logo and warm light, creating a high-end and luxury shop theme. You can also use it as a makeup kiosk. Materials include plywood, wooden laminate, stainless steel, light plan, green plant decoration, etc.

shampoo kiosk

Soap kiosk details

This soap kiosk has different levels of display counters. It is good to show shampoo bottles, cosmetics, and skincare products. We can add a logo on the display counter to promote the brand. The brass sink and the faucet set at the T-style counter with different levels are convenient for clients to experience the items. Merchants can set up green plants at the bottom, making people relate to the environmentally friendly concept and making your shop outstanding.

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hair care kiosk

In the center of the soap kiosk is an individual counter with seats. Clients can sit down to learn more about your booth. The door’s shape is also very unique. Opening the door is two letters F, and the unique design is refreshing and impressive. We can also use the wooden wooden wooden floor with golden stainless steel edges, which matches the cosmetic kiosk theme. Before opening a mall retail kiosk, don’t hesitate to contact us.