Pop-up shops are typical in shopping malls and streets. It helps people to test the product market to make the right decision. Pop-up shops are good for expressing the brand theme and company culture. Clients remember your shop and business, so you can gain money and also be helpful with expanding your business. No matter when you plan to start, a pop-up shop is a good option. Here I want to introduce a profitable engraving kiosk to you.

jewelry kiosk

Description of the pop-up shop

This engraving kiosk includes two semi-circular display counters and display cabinets on both sides. All the cabinets are distributed on the same level so guests can see and pick products from all directions. Besides, the primary color is black with a glossy effect. It can highlight the crystals and make your diamond booth outstanding.

pop-up shops

Details information about the engraving kiosk

We can see the tall display cabinets, which have multiple layers to place a diamond in a good way. There is light on the shelving to better show the products. The bottom has lock cabinets with shelving for storage items. The “3D Crystal Gift” slogan is added on both sides to enhance the shop theme. More options: diamond case

The semi-circular display is over a counter table, increasing the display area and making the diamond look good. The cashier register can be set on the countertop for checking bills and reception. All the cabinets have locks to protect the items.

pop-up shops

Produce photos show

The production photos show the real jewelry kiosk effects. It’s necessary to make a 3D design first. So workers can follow the confirmed drawing to build mall kiosks. So you can have the pop-up store you want. Contact us and get your mall stall whenever and wherever you need it!

crystal kiosk