With the fast development of the economy, more and more poeple plan to start their own business to make money. It’s a great idea to open a nice retail booth in the shopping center. People can purchase items properly and it’s also good for shop owners to promote the brand concept. Now, I’d like to introduce a useful retail booth with you.

retail counter

Custom retail kiosk design

This retail booth is good for displaying and selling cosmetics, boutiques, and even snacks. It suits an area of 4m by 3m with double-sided display shelving. We can see the outside has 3 layers of stairs with acrylic panels to prevent goods from falling. We can also use separate panels to help sort out items. So that consumers can easily find what they want properly. Behind is 3 three-layer open cabinet on the work table. It’s good to help sort out items conveniently. The bottom has a locked cabinet for storage.

mall booth

Roof with light

There is a big roof on the top ceiling, it’s good to attach a brand sign on 4 sides. This makes your booth outstanding so that clients can view you from far distance. Ceiling light is very important for retail booths, especially for booths where has not enough light. Don’t forget to add flooring light at the kick area, it makes the whole cosmetic booth fantastic.

retail booth

Before choosing a unique retail booth, the material and kiosk design is very important. So your kiosk will attract eyes attention and can also leave people a good spirit. With a high-quality mall booth, you can use it for many years and keep it new. This mall kiosk mainly uses MDF with baking paint to produce. Other materials include stainless steel kick, luminous brand logo, acrylic panel, LED light lamp, etc.

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