What do you think about starting a makeup kiosk in the shopping mall? The High-Level Makeup Kiosk Modern Beauty Booth with Shelves is a stylish and practical solution for showcasing beauty products. With its size of 6m by 2m, this booth offers ample space to display a wide range of beauty items. Let’s view more information together.

Makeup counter

Makeup kiosk design

At the back of the mall booth, there is a wall cabinet with multiple shelves. This allows for organized storage and easy access to products. Additionally, you have the option to attach your brand logo and posters in strategic areas, ensuring maximum visibility and attracting potential customers. The bottom of the booth features a lock cabinet, providing secure storage for additional stock or personal belongings. This ensures that everything remains safe and organized throughout the day.

cosmetic kiosk

Moving to the front of the cosmetic kiosk, you will find individual counters with stair countertops. This setup allows customers to easily view and purchase items. The counters are designed to be eye-catching and inviting, drawing people in to explore the products on offer.

In the center of the mall booth, there is a reception desk with a cashier register. This serves as a hub for managing transactions and providing customer service. The desk is strategically positioned to ensure efficient and convenient service for both customers and staff.

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makeup booth cosmetic cabinet

To complete the overall aesthetic, the cosmetic booth features wooden flooring. This adds a touch of warmth and elegance, creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers. The flooring also acts as a subtle reminder for people to step into your shop and discover the wonderful beauty products available. We mainly use MDF to make the skin care kiosk, the surface is glossy baking paint that high level the shop theme. Whenever you need attractive makeup kiosks, we can meet your demands.