Coffee and milk tea have become fashionable drinks, rich coffee, aroma from a long way to come, warm, relieve the fatigue of a day’s work.

For people who want to start a business, opening a coffee shop is definitely a business opportunity. Of course, it is important to choose a place with a large flow of people, publicity and food quality, but the decoration style of the coffee shop is also very important, which determines whether your shop is attractive enough. So, next, I’d like to sell you a coffee kiosk.


  • The use of customized luminous logo function, turn your showcase into a prominent image of the brand, create your own unique brand experience, attract more custome.
  • The display case is designed with super transparent glass, which is used to display the goods of the store, so that customers can be more clear about the goods of the store.
  • The table is made of artificial stone, which is very easy to clean.
  • This coffee kiosk can also be used to make coffee sales coffee cash register.It is convenient for the bussiness.



  • Overall size:  4m x 3m x 1.2m (length x width x height)
  • Material:  MDF /Stainless Stell / Ultra-clear Tempered Glass / LED  Strip light /Leatherette /
  • Placement type:  Floor Standing
  • Power plug: correct plug for delivered country
  • Package: EPE foam+ Bubble film+  wooden box
  • Lead time: 3 to 7days for standard showcase,10 to 20 days for customized order
  • Customization: Brand logo/Color/LED lighting color/Metal color/Size etc.


This coffee kiosk is practical and safe. We believe that this coffee kiosk will become your best choice. Of course, if you have your own design and ideas about it, you can tell us your needs ,and we will try our best to meet you.