If you want to open a cosmetics store in a large shopping mall.  The first thing is to design the decoration style of the store, a beautiful appearance and product-matching display case is very important. So now I would like to recommend to you a popular cosmetic kiosk.

skincare kiosk

Our cosmetics kiosks are made of high-quality MDF material, which is durable and can carry a large number of cosmetics cabinets without deformation. It has multiple layers and stepped shelves. It can easily combine different types and brands of products, and can easily find out the corresponding products. In addition, the display case style is novel, beautiful, and generous, supports a variety of customization, and adds a sense of fashion and an elegant atmosphere to your shop.

The overall style of this display case is the high-end atmosphere, composed of black and gold, it is easy to make people feel that this is a senior beauty shop. The logo is with a light belt, conspicuous and easy to attract customers’ eyes. In addition, this display cabinet is easy to clean and manage, which is very important for the business, reducing a lot of time and energy consumption. It can increase profits for the beauty shop.

cosmetic booth


  • Overall size:  4m x 3m x 1.2m (length x width x height)
  • Material:  MDF /Stainless Steel / Ultra-clear Tempered Glass / LED  Strip light
  • Placement type:  Floor Standing
  • Power plug: correct plug for the delivered country
  • Package: EPE foam+ Bubble film+  wooden box
  • Lead time: 3 to 7 days for standard showcase,10 to 20 days for customized order
  • Customization: Brand logo/Color/LED lighting color/Metal color/Size etc.

cosmetic booth

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