A jewelry store is a symbol of fashion and luxury. However, it takes a lot of money and skill to build a comfortable, safe and efficient jewelry store. If you are thinking of building your own jewelry store, be sure to consider our container jewelry store, this product can solve the pain points you may encounter.

First, cost is a big issue when you first start thinking about building a jewelry store. Our MDF material is an economical, low cost solution that allows you to quickly build a comfortable jewelry store that fits your brand without spending too much money.

Second, Consider for safety , we designed sliding door inside . only #3 can be open , other glass door are fixed (can’t open) . Outside also install rolling gate (#1 to #4 all has rolling gate ). At night , owner can pull down the door , then lock . very safe . At daytime , #1 to #4 ( 4 rolling gates can be open ) . Clients will come through #3 .

Moreover, fashion and design are key to your jewelry store. Our jewelry store has a simple yet modern look, and this design style is becoming more and more popular in jewelry store construction. In addition, we also provide a custom service to make your shop exactly as you want to design.

Finally, efficiency is an important factor in building a jewelry store. Our container jewelry store is very simple to design and assemble, saving a lot of man-hours, can be set up in a short time, improve the efficiency of construction. At the same time, such a design can quickly win customers and market share for your brand.


  • All furnitures material use MDF with white glossy baking paint and gold plating.
  • Each display cabinet & showcase has led strip lights .
  • Glass :8mm thickness clear tempered glass


  • Flooring : PVC flooring
  • Color : option

     3.utside Roof

  • Material use tempered glass and metal structure. Length × width  ( 6m × 2m )
  • Feature : sunshade , shelter from rain