In the hot summer, fresh and delicious juice always makes people yearn for. The juice tricycles on the street are not only convenient, but also can meet people’s needs for fresh and healthy. Using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, this Street Talk Juice trike has the following featuree.

The appearance design is fashionable and beautiful, with yellow and white as the keynote, attracting the eye and meeting the young people’s pursuit of beauty. The upper part of the wheel is shaped like an orange,which is well in line with the image of juice. The whole body compact and simple. It can easily adapt to all kinds of streets and alleys, anytime and anywhere to provide quality service.

To understand the shape of the juice trike, we will understand the material composition of the juice tricycle. The top is a plastic shed. That can shelter you from wind and rain if necessary. The entire body is made into a compact juice cabinet. It is made of MDF material and stainless steel. Many customers will choose to use such materials.

This street juice trike  often appear in various occasions, such as business districts, parks, amusement parks, tourist attractions, etc., to carry out business activities. It can not only meet people’s taste needs, but also create more business opportunities. If you want to start a free, flexible and potentially entrepreneurial road.  This street juice trike is definitely your best choice.

This juice trike is practical, beautiful and safe. We believe that this juice trike will become your best choice. Of course, if you have your own design and ideas about juice trike, you can tell us your needs and we will try our best to meet you.

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