The high-end orange and black color scheme food kiosk design is a stunning and eye-catching addition to any mall or shopping center. This customized display kiosk offers a unique and modern aesthetic that is sure to attract customers and increase foot traffic. With its sleek design and high quality materials, this kiosk is perfect for showcasing a variety of food and beverage options.

The design of kiosk

This is a hamburger kiosk for mall. Orange and black match, White lines surround them, the color is fresh and eye-catching. There are some essential items on the surface of the counter such as refrigerator, microwave oven,and a cash register. Under the counter is plentiful enough storage cabinets to place items. There is a sink can provide necessary water and treat wastewater. In addition, you can customize a unique logo on the front. The lightbox pictures can display the specialty menu of the store. To the left of the counter is a glass showcase, you can clearly see the food on display, convenient for customers to buy. All in all, as you can see, this is a fully functional and uniquely styled food kiosk.

The details of materials

The main body of the food cabinet use plywood as the base material and the surface is attached with fireproof board, and the surface is treated with spray paint. Such a process can have a good fire waterproof function. On the left side of the counter, there is a glass display cabinet. It mainly composed of tempered glass and stainless steel shelves, which play the role of display and storage. The materials are durable and safe. Besides, food counter for artificial stone, not easy to scratch. The hamburger cabinet also has a stainless steel sink on the inside, with a cabinet for the tank underneath. We can also see a part of orange color toughened glass on the counter for protective effect.

Personalized customized service

We are a custom factory and we can make a new design for you accoring to your needs. We have done a lot of food kiosk cases, and 90% of the kiosks sold in the United States, if you need more kiosk styles, examples, more design details you can contact us directly, and we can make a customized food kiosk for you.

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