Perfume kiosk

Perfume is our hot selling product now, with people’s pursuit of beauty higher and higher. The pursuit of some material things also increased. This is a very promising project and very profitable for anyone who wants to open a perfume kiosk. Now let me show you the design of this style.

perfume kiosk


Substrate: medium fiberboard

Panel: Khaki paint, white paint

Hardware: Open lock, drawer slide rail

logo: Hollow out luminous logo

Other: Gold Stainless Steel skirting wire, light Belt, 8mm tempered glass, White Luminous acrylic, Gold Stainless Steel, universal wheel

perfume kiosk

Perfume kiosk detail

The perfume pavilion is 10x10ft in size and has a square design. Above is a gold stainless steel frame with tempered glass construction. Below is the MDF locker, you can store certain things below. The above glass cabinet shows the effect is very beautiful, its surface is very hard. This can also be used as a jewelry display case because the material is strong enough to protect our products.

perfume kiosk Design Detail

The neatly placed perfume pavilion is a good way to display our perfumes. As shown in the picture, you can see that the front of the showcase looks very luxurious. In addition, we will install light belts inside the showcase, so that customers can see the layout of the jewelry showcase. The front of the display case is very beautiful and high-end, and the result is even better than the effect drawing.

perfume kiosk

Customized service

We are a custom factory and we will make a new design for you. We have made many different designs of perfume kiosks. If you are planning to open a perfume booth recently, you can contact our customer service so that you can get a wide range of designs. But we would recommend starting with a perfume booth design so you can see the renderings and construction drawings.

perfume kiosk