In the past, if we have a pair of flawless white teeth in the process of interacting with people, it will give people a good first impression. Especially on important social occasions, many people choose to have their teeth cleaned. Therefore, teeth whitening cabinets have become a popular choice for people to clean their teeth. I’ll show you our teeth whitening cabinet



This is a tooth whitening cabinet for indoor use. You can see its structure from the picture. The design color of the cabinet is white, which looks very pure, symbolizing that the teeth whitening cabinet can make people’s teeth clean. We can see that this cabinet can be used as your front desk, its small cabinets and bins are also used for storing items, and the cabinets inside are of different sizes.

As you can see from the picture, the teeth whitening cabinet is made up of two different cabinets. The back section is a functional area that allows three customers to have their teeth whitened simultaneously.teeth whitening booth

This is our production drawing.The bottom of the cabinet will have stainless steel edge, and we installed blue lighting, obvious slogan and logo.

Bright spot

1 Different areas have different functions. In the picture, you can see that in front of the cabinet is the workbench and storage, and in the back is the place where customers do whitening teeth.

2 Convenient access, will not cause congestion

3.pvc flooring, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly, and recyclable.

More information

Materials: MDF and baking paint,resistant to oxidation

Size: 4 m*4 m

Color: White

Materials: Medium density fiberboard, baking paint

Production time: 20-22 working days after order confirmation

Other: Light box. Logo, lock, stool, table, etc. If you need it, you can get it

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