Today, we bring you a very popular kiosk, its special appearance and practical display function are its two outstanding advantages. If you are also looking for a quality kiosk that showcases your perfume to the maximum, then you will definitely miss this white paint perfume kiosk.

A simple introduction of this kiosk

What makes this kiosk special is its irregular shape, which fits right into the corner of the elevator in the mall. The high traffic makes this kiosk more popular and increases its purchase probability. The entire kiosk uses high-quality MDF as the base material, and the outermost layer is smooth white paint, which makes this perfume kiosk look more upscale.

The perfumes on display can be seen from glass display counters or glass cubicles on all sides of the kiosk. LED light strips in the glass display case, which makes the perfume display more atmospheric. The glass counter also has a trial area for customers to experience. The Kiosk also provides a compartment with a door where perfume can be stored closest to the elevator entrance. The walls around the compartment also make full use of the space, where you can see the glass display cases embedded in the walls of the compartment. In addition, this perfume compartment have a small golden eaves, very design sense. The soft tatami MATS in the seating area allow customers to have a full rest while visiting. Meanwhile, The floor is black with polka dot fashion style, the design is very unique.

Another service

We also provide the kiosk with all the accessories it needs to use it, such as wires, sockets, locks. If you need to customize a perfume kiosk to start your business, please do not hesitate to come to us. We are a perfume kiosk custom manufacturer with ten years experience, we can completely customize the products you want according to your needs. Whether it’s color, material, size, layout, kiosk decor, etc., we can make it for you. We will contract a range of work from design to production and transportation that you need.