Refreshing lemon juice is always very popular in summer. Who could refuse such a drink on a hot summer’s day? Lemon juice business must be very profitable, take a look at our lemon juice kiosk!


This is a lemon juice kiosk for mall use. The whole color scheme is lemon. The overall yellow is mainly used. In addition, white and lemon yellow match, the color is fresh and eye-catching. There are fresh lemons, juicer, ice maker, cups and other essential items on the surface of the counter, and a cash register is also equipped. Under the cabinet is the storage cabinet. There is a small door can open it and the lock is set to ensure security. There are logos on the front. You can also has the lightbox of the store, which is used to display the specialty menu of the store. As a result, guests will know that this store is a lovely lemon juice kiosk as soon as they see it.


The main body of the lemon juice kiosk is made of plywood as the base material and the surface is attached with fireproof board, and the surface is treated with spray paint. Such a process can have a good fire waterproof function. The bottom of the juice cabinet is a stainless steel kicker, which can protect the bottom material. We can also see a part of the toughened glass fence on the counter for dust prevention.

Factory picture

The lemon juice kiosk in the picture is the finished drawing as it was just made. You can see the actual appearance of the lemon juice cabinet. If you think there is something wrong with this style, we can customize it according to your requirements. In addition, we have sockets, locks, and different logo materials. You can also view juice kiosk styles and choose one for your business.


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