It’s a good idea to open a hair straightener kiosk to make money. Everyone likes attractive and special cosmetic booths to improve sales performance and promote brand concepts. Today, I want to introduce a nice hair straightener kiosk to you. It’s good to place in the shopping mall, exhibition room, or trade show. Let’s view more details together.

Hair straightener kiosk

Unique hair straightener kiosk design

We can see the straightener kiosk suits an area of 10ft by 10ft. It has a big wall display with the brand logo and posters in one side corner. It is a brand image wall with a reception desk at the front. Both the front and side area has lightbox posters to help people understand your business and service. A small counter in the front of the reception desk is used as a consultant area.

Trade show counter

A double-sided mirror station is in the middle of an exhibition booth. People can sit down and enjoy the hair straightener services. We can also add LED light surrounding the mirror to increase the brightness. Shelving and storage cabinets place more items to increase and sell items. We can also use it as a pop-up shop to promote business.

Exhibition booth

There is an individual display stand near the entrance. It has 4 square displays with the brand logo in the middle. It is the main display area. There is a black top ceiling with pink column support. It looks very brilliant and can make the barber kiosk outstanding.

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