Beauty kiosk is popular among people because they can improve skin stage and view business. Many shop owner wants a high-end and luxury beauty booth to start a business. As it can attract eyes’ attention and can high-level the brand theme. Let’s view more information about the beauty salon kiosks.

beauty kiosk

Description of beauty kiosk

The beauty kiosk is 12ft by 10ft, we can use it to display products and add a reception counter to serve people. The color is black with a golden decoration, looks very attractive and high-end. Materials include Plywood, laminate, acrylic counter table, stainless steel kick, 8mm tempered glass, light lamp, etc. We can also use golden metal decorations to make the beauty shop outstanding.

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beauty salon kiosk

Custom beauty kiosk for sale

We can see the front side has two single display counters, and the middle area is an entrance to go into the beauty shop. While the back wall also has a long display showcase with light to highlight items. Two corners are single square display counters with glass showcase on the top. We can add a light lamp here to highlight the items. The flooring has black and white rhombus decoration, looks very special. It can also reflect the company theme well. Flooring light adds to the glass showcase, it makes the floor plan outstanding.

How to design a beauty kiosk?

Our design team is designing the eyebrow threading booth based on the location size and requirements. It’s 1:1 scale as a space area so that the owner can view the real effect in advance. If you have any questions or ideas, you can contact us. We can also add to your shop design and render clear photos. The 3D design needs about 3-5 work days and you can also view more styles of perfume kiosks if in need.