Opening a watch kiosk in the mall is a great idea. I would like to introduce a watch kiosk suitable for shopping malls today. But it is also suitable for showcasing jewelry. Let’s take a look together.

Obvious signs and glass cabinets

The luxury watch kiosk in the shopping mall is a sight to behold. Comprising black, white, and red, the color combination is both elegant and eye-catching, with the bold red making it stand out prominently. The two tall planks at the front and back, adorned with posters and marked signs across the top edge, add a touch of style and branding. The use of different rectangular glass display cabinets, illuminated by LED strips beneath, showcases the watches beautifully. The glass displays allow for easy viewing of the watches from all angles. In addition, the locks ensure security. The enclosed design further enhances the exclusivity.

watch booth

The Display and Features

Each glass display case is carefully curated to present the watches in the best light. The LED strips create an alluring glow, enhancing the visual appeal of the timepieces. The posters on the planks not only add to the aesthetics but also convey important information about the brand and specific watch models. The small cabinet in the middle is practical, allowing for the storage of computers and cash registers, facilitating smooth transactions. The illuminated signs at the front add to the visibility and attract customers from afar.

Real product picture

watch showcase

We can see the actual effect of the watch kiosk below the production photo. Workers will complete the whole watch kiosk at our workshop and test it to ensure everything works well. You can also view the production process during production because our QC team will control each step, and the sales team will update photos for your confirmation.

The watch kiosk offers a curated collection of high-end timepieces in an inviting and luxurious setting. The unique design elements, from the color scheme to the display cases and signage, create an immersive experience.