Are you looking for a stylish and functional coffee kiosk? That’s great! Because today we’re going to introduce a coffee kiosk that fits your needs perfectly! Let’s take a look at this special kiosk.

Introduce of the kiosk

We can see this overall color of coffee counter is a very pleasant green. The parallel wooden strips are decoration, and with the green color, it looks very environmentally friendly and attractive. That leaves a deep impression on people. Besides, the front and right sides have tempered glass display counter for dust protection. There are also many storage cabinets under the counter, which are very convenient for storage. The wooden stripe decoration can highlight the product brand and make people feel immersive. Create a unique store atmosphere. And The cashier counter stands near the display area, which is convenient for checking bills. In addition, there is a small door ,which is not easy to be disturbed.

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Details of materials

We use plywood to make the coffee kiosk main body, and the surface treatment is high-glossy baking paint. Its surface is fireproof board and green and white baking paint. Such a process can have a good fire waterproof function. The bottom of the coffee kiosk is a stainless steel kicker. Three stainless steel sinks on the kiosk inside, with some cabinets for the tank underneath. We can also see a part of tempered glass cover the ingredients area for dust prevention. In addition, Other material includes led stripe,acrylic logo, light box picture etc.

About us

We are a professional kiosk customization company with 10 years of experience since 2013. We also have our own production plants and designers. We can tailor the products you need according to your needs. If you need a coffee kiosk or other kiosk please feel free to contact us. We will give you the most satisfactory products and the most sincere service.