Are you looking for a cosmetic cabinet against the wall? Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic wall cabinet. This is a cosmetic cabinet, which is mainly used in shopping centers or retail beauty shops. Whenever you need it, we can make it fit your business and location sizes. Let’s learn more details together.

 cosmetic kiosk

From the picture, we can see its structure. The color scheme of this makeup cabinet is white and red, which is very bright against the light and looks very advanced. When we see something bright and advanced, we will be easily attracted and leave a deep first impression.

Advantages of cosmetic kiosks

  1. Space saving, small footprint, but can display a lot of cosmetics
  2. The design is fashionable and in line with people’s aesthetic
  3. Practical and beautiful

cosmetic cabinet in mall


This mall stand is made of MDF and lacquered. It looks very shiny and textured on the outside. In addition, there will be a stainless steel edge on the bottom of the cabinet to protect the bottom of the cabinet. We can also add logo, light box, hardware accessories, posters, stools, sofas and other items to the cabinet. 

LED lighting

What’s special about this cabinet is the lighting, we’ve added light strips to every level of the cabinet, so it looks very bright and eye-catching. Under the light, cosmetics also look very beautiful and precious. View more options about the perfume booth

More information

Size:4 M*2 M

Design: 3-5 working days

Production time: 20-22 working days after order confirmation

Mode of transportation: Sea, air, land transport, can be arranged according to your personal choice

Packing: We’ll pack the pavilion in hard wooden cases

If you need to browse more cosmetic cabinet styles, click here to view more cosmetic shop displays. You can also tell us the size, and style you like, and we can customize it and make a professional 3D design for you.