When you are tired at work, do you want to go to the massage shop to relax? For many people, going to a massage shop is a good way of leisure and health care. In a massage shop, enjoy a comfortable massage, which can help them release pressure, improve sleep quality, and promote blood circulation. Therefore, it is a good choice to open a massage kiosk in the shopping mall. Today, I introduced this massage kiosk is modern and give people a comfortable feeling.

Front side: welcome and holistic

When people walk into this massage kiosk, they will see a warm front desk, prominently marked with a logo, creating a sense of brand identity and professionalism. Professional staff is waiting at the front desk to introduce the massage program and checkout for customers. The six lights hanging in the exhibition hall add a soft atmosphere and enhance the overall atmosphere. The rectangular hollow center and poster boards display relevant information or soothing visual effects, adding to the overall experience. It makes customers feel cared for and sets the tone for a relaxing journey. The kioskis an open one, and people can see the whole layout of the kiosk at a glance. In addition, the open kiosk also shows the welcome to customers.

Back side: functional and visible

massage kiosk chair

The increased height of the walls and roof provides protection for the elements and ample space for the signage, ensuring visibility from a distance. Posters on the walls give people a visual idea of the kiosk’s purpose. This unique design not only improves visibility but also functionality, making it a practical choice for businesses looking to make a statement.

Interior: efficient and convenient

Every detail, from chair placement to storage solutions, helps to provide a convenient and efficient experience for both customers and employees.

massage chair

Within the compartment, four massage chairs are placed separately for privacy. There are barriers on both sides of the pavilion to protect the privacy of customers. This design allows customers to enjoy the treatment without feeling crowded. Long sofa chairs offer additional seating options, available for waiting or relaxing. The layout is optimized to improve efficiency so that the masseuse is able to move freely and take care of customers.

The cabinet behind the massage chairs provides a practical storage space for supplies and necessities. Of course, when customers massage, bags, mobile phones and other personal items can also be put in the cabinet, to ensure safety. The plants and flowers bring a touch of nature and freshness. The open layout on the left and right sides ensures visibility without sacrificing privacy. Whether it is a masseuse or customers, this layout can be easily entered and operated smoothly operated.