What do you think about an outstanding sweet kiosk in the mall? A versatile and eye-catching cake booth showcase is very important for the food business. Now I want to introduce a useful cake booth to you. This unique kiosk captures attention with its vibrant pink and white colors, making it the perfect addition to any dessert shop or bakery. Let’s learn more together.

sweet kiosk

Cake booth layout

The layout of the cake booth is designed to showcase your delicious treats effectively. With a generous 3m by 3m area, there is ample space for displaying your desserts. Because the front and back sides of the kiosk feature ice cream and cake display showcases. Making it easy for customers to view and choose their favorite desserts. It also includes lock cabinets with moveable shelving inside, providing convenient storage for merchants.

dessert kiosk

The right side of the dessert kiosk is dedicated to a cashier counter. It is complete with a customizable tower panel for your logo and menu. It also allows for easy transactions and gives your brand a prominent place in the kiosk.

On the left side, a glass showcase at the top serves as the main display for decadent and visually stunning cakes. This will attract customers from afar and entice them to try your delectable creations. Besides, the bakery kiosk also includes a water sink near the entrance door. Ensuring that staff can maintain proper hygiene standards for a seamless and efficient operation.

food kiosk

The brand logo is strategically placed to ensure maximum visibility and recognition. This helps to promote your brand and leave a lasting impression on clients. So, if you are planning to start a cake kiosk, our professional design team can help customize the kiosk to suit your company’s theme.

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