How often do you worry about the display of candy? Have you resized and repositioned your cabinets over and over again and still not been satisfied? If so, this 3m x 2.5m candy kiosk will be a lifesaver!

1. More space for more candy. This candy kiosk has a spacious display space, which allows you to display your candy in a reasonable way. Without stacking or mixing, giving your customers a clean and comfortable buying experience.

2. Full transparent design, so that customers clearly understand each kind of candy. The transparent design of this display case will not affect the color of the candy, so that consumers can clearly understand the shape, color and grain of each candy and other details, increasing the fun of shopping.

3. Simple appearance design, not too fancy to occupy the customer purchase experience. The appearance of simple and generous design style, fit the shopping mall theme. It’s not too flashy, nor does it take up space in the shopping area. More importantly, the simple appearance style will not interfere with the customer’s shopping experience.

4.This candy cabinet is mainly green and white, giving people a small and fresh feeling. And it is a collection of cash register and candy sales in one. The left is the cashier, which can  place the desktop computer. It ‘s convenient accounting. On the right is the equipment that can be washed and protected, which is very convenient.


Buy this 3m x 2.5m candy kiosk now and put your wares on display! Let your customers in a clean, comfortable, beautiful shopping environment to experience unparalleled shopping experience!