With the rapid development of the coffee economy, more and more workers choose to have a cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon to ease the fatigue of the day. If you have a strong idea about opening a coffee shop, you have to do it now. Location is important when it comes to opening a coffee shop, but having a fancy kiosk is also the key to attracting traffic. 

This coffee kiosk is not like the traditional coffee cabinet, which is wood grain color, its overall style is black and white. Stand out from the crowd of coffee stands. It makes people feel unique, rather than the dark feeling of being close to a coffee shop. And the combination of black and white is very classic and not easy to go out of style.

The coffee kiosk  is made of MDF, which is the preferred material for most businesses. Because it is durable and does not corrode easily, it is easy to apply baking paint.

The coffee kiosk is 4m x 3m, providing plenty of room for baristas to operate. And the spacious environment can make people feel comfortable in the coffee shop environment, so people are more willing to stop and drink a cup of coffee.

The coffee kiosk has multiple storage cabinets to keep the coffee ingredients well stored and protected from moisture. On the front of the coffee cabinet, you can choose to install multiple electric boxes. Display your new coffee products, menus, and promotions.

This coffee cabinet is not only beautiful in appearance, but also practical. It has social, cultural and commercial functions. If you want to open a coffee shop, do it now! Start by choosing a coffee cabinet!