The cosmetic booth is a good place to display and sell all kinds of cosmetics in the shopping mall and beauty shop. Whether your location is near the column, against the wall, or near the escalator, we can design a suitable kiosk for you. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic kiosk design sharing with you. Let’s view more detailed information together.

Cosmetic kiosk

Introduction of cosmetic booth

The cosmetic display surrounds the column, which not only increases the display area but also improves sales performance. It’s also a good place to promote the brand concept. The primary color is green combined with wooden finishes, giving people a natural and healthier feeling. It will increase the client’s goodwill of your products. View makeup kiosk design

Makeup display

To make full use of the space, the cosmetic booth includes a glass showcase, storage cabinet, advertising posters, brand logo, etc. We can also add workstations with bar chairs, so clients can try on skin care products. It will increase the client’s desire to take it away and help increase sales performance.

Skin care display shelving

It has wall-mounted display shelving that looks like a tree attached to the wall. Which increases the display showcase area. There is a display counter with a glass showcase on the top, which is convenient to use and can make people see items well. The bottom has a lock cabinet for storage. We can also attach lightbox paintings or TV players to show your business well.

Cosmetic stand

Brand signage and posters are attached to the top ceiling, so people can notice you at first eyesight. Don’t forget to add a spotlight to highlight the products and shop, lighting is very important for retail booths.

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