With the popularity of milk tea coffee dessert, milk tea and other desserts have become the commodities that people want to have a cup of every day. So it is a very promising thing to open a dessert milk tea shop. At the same time, the choice of milk tea shop store design is also very important. Generally milk tea shops will be set up in the mall display. Because there are a lot of people shopping in it, especially women and children, it is a good sales opportunity. Next, I would like to introduce to you the display of our milk tea shop.

Store Layout

The layout of the milk tea shop is relatively clear and reasonable. On top is the milk tea shop brand custom LEDS luminous crystal character logo. In general, it has three regions of distribution. The first is our cashier. There are also electronic posters in front of the cashier. Customers can consult the staff when they have questions. The second is the display cabinet with fire-proof board finish, and the display cabinet with transparent glass material is used to display food materials. This way, customers can clearly see the materials used in the products in the store. The inside of the milk tea shop is designed with a table for staff to operate and a counter for freezer storage, and the partition is clean.

The Pink Milk Tea Shop Show Details

The decoration of this milk tea shop is very clear. There is a special place to display materials. The location of each area is clear. In addition, our store can also make logo, which can be luminous or flat, and we can see the store eye-catching electronic screen advertising poster location design plays a role in marketing and promotion.

Factory construction drawing

This is the production drawing of our factory. The main material used in mobile phone display cases is plywood. Many cabinet displays use this material because it is a very hard and practical material with a moisture-proof design and a fire-proof surface, resulting in a smooth and bright display case.

Material: Plywood suitable

place: Store, supermarket, shop, outdoor

Use : Hotel, House, Kiosk, Booth, Office, Sentry Box, candy kiosk

color: Anyone you like to feature: kiosk is viewable, modern, functional

delivery time: 20-22 working days after payment

service: customized service

Package: foam inside + wooden box outside

toe kick: 10cm S.S