With the increasing demand for mobile coffee shops. We launched a smart coffee cart. Compared with traditional coffee shops. Smart coffee carts are more flexible and portable,  It brings a better shopping experience to users.

Description of the coffee cart

  The coffee trolley is mainly made of MDF, marble. With a large table for easy operation. On the left side of the table is a coffee machine.  The right side is the menu. At the same time, there is a stainless steel fence in front. A light was installed on the top. A built-in flame retardant plate on the console. And a multifunctional storage cabinet below. It is compatible with practicality and storage. The advantages of this coffee car are no rent costs, low operating pressure, the ability to move freely, and the business is good to go. If you have the idea of opening a coffee shop, you can try our coffee cart. We carefully make every detail.

 You can count on our service. Our coffee carts are made of high-quality materials. which not only have a stylish appearance but also have the durability and mobility of the car color. It is the perfect mobile coffee pavilion. It allows you to provide excellent coffee and service on different occasions.

  In addition, we also provide a customization service, which you can design and customize according to your own needs to fit your brand image of the coffee cart.  You can have a unique cafe that will add to your brand.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.