Salon owners need to invest a lot of money and time to create a successful facade. They need to find a high quality hair shop kiosk to create the image of the salon while keeping customers comfortable. If they don’t have the right plan or the laying costs are over budget, these expenses can put a big burden on the salon’s business.

But now you don’t have to worry, our company specially designed a hair salon, to help you improve the image of hair salon.

Description of the  hair salon kiosk

From the design drawing, we can see that this display cabinet is white and brown. Such colors look very high-end and atmospheric. It makes customers more willing to choose such a salon for haircut. Inside there are three chairs. It  can receive three customers at a time.  Each seat in front of the HD mirror, can let customers see their own hair cutting process in real time.  And placed in front of the table, can store hair tools, convenient barber to take.

Material selection

I think, as a good beauty shop owner, will definitely consider the quality of the display case from the details, not just its price,. Our display cabinet is made of high-quality MDF material, which is durable. The surface is coated with baking paint, so that it looks very glossy. The bottom is stainless steel, so that your display cabinet is not easy to be corroded. In short, our company always selects the best materials for our customers at a reasonable price.

Customized service

We designed this salon display case as a high quality furniture package, including chairs and mirrors. We mainly do custom service, salon owners can choose their own color and style according to their own needs.

This salon display case allows your salon to gain an edge in appearance and branding at an affordable price, ensuring that there is no additional cost for in-store renovations. At the same time, this set of shop collocation is really very fashionable, the effect of the design is surprising. If you have interesting in it, please feel free to contact us.